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Taylor Guitar, a responsible steward of ebony wood sustainability, became co-owners of a mill in 2011. Beginning our journey to learn the ebony trade, and the employees in surrounding villages. The Ebony Project is a video that displays all the effort that goes into transforming the ebony tree into guitar parts.
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As a company that relies on African ebony and other precious tonewoods to craft our guitars, we at Taylor have a responsibility to be ethical stewards of these natural resources in order to safeguard their sustainability.

In 2011, Taylor became the co-owner of an ebony mill in Cameroon. Thus began a remarkable journey to learn every aspect of the ebony trade, including its impact on the forest ecosystems of Africa’s Congo Basin and the local communities that rely on ebony for their livelihood. The more we’ve learned the more our mission in Cameroon has evolved. We’re improving harvesting practices. We’re transforming the milling operation. We’re planting ebony for the future.

We call our work in Cameroon the Ebony Project, and we made a film about it. Here’s a preview.

Our story takes you on a revealing journey to our Crelicam mill in Cameroon’s chaotic capital city of Yaoundé; into the forest where ebony trees are sourced; and into villages where employees and their families live. You’ll come away with a deeper appreciation for the effort that goes into transforming an ebony tree into essential parts for every Taylor guitar made, along with our work to create a new model of sustainable forestry in Cameroon.


The journey begins Earth Day 4.22.18.

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