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Figured Mahogany

Rare and beautiful, figured mahogany is reserved for limited edition or custom guitars.
Figured Mahogany

The rarity of figured mahogany limits our use of it to limited edition models. Tonally, it shares the same properties as the more straight-grained mahogany we use, namely a fundamental focus with a strong, midrange-rich response.

Like the straight-grained sets of mahogany used in Taylor’s standard guitar line, its tone profile tends to produce a clear, warm and fundamentally strong sonic character, especially in the midrange.

Goes Well With: A broad range of players and musical styles. Blues and other rootsy players tend to respond well to mahogany’s warm midrange character. A smaller body mahogany guitar (GC or GA) might appeal to fingerstyle players, whereas more aggressive pickers and strummers might opt for a bigger body.