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Shape your tone with Taylor Picks

From bright and defined to warm and blended, our range of guitar picks offers flexibility in both tone and feel.

A simple tool. A huge tonal difference.

Despite being one of the most fundamental tools in a guitarist’s arsenal, pick selection is often an afterthought for recreational players. But the truth is, a pick’s tonal influence is more significant than many players realize.


Key Pick Characteristics

Which pick is the right pick? First, start with the thickest pick you’re comfortable with.  A thicker pick with a varied touch will give you more dynamic range than strumming or picking harder with a thinner one. As a pick gets thinner, its tonal properties diminish so a thicker pick will give you greater tonal influence.


Thinner picks absorb energy and offer a brighter sound with a stronger initial attack, but with diminished volume output. Less flexible thicker picks transfer more energy to produce more power and warmth.


Celluloid lies at the trebly end of the tonal spectrum, while ivoroid produces greater midrange presence. Our denser, blended material picks offer more low-end response.


Please note: Picks shown above are not actual size. They are for demonstrative purposes only. 

Taylor Darktone® Picks

Each premium Taylor Darktone pick is carefully formulated to deliver a wide variety of tonal enhancing sound and feel.


Taylor Premium Ivoroid Picks

Taylor Premium Ivoroid Picks are made from a custom blend of highly detailed premium celluloid precisely cured to resemble grained ivory. Available in 351, 346 and 651 shapes and precision-cut in .46, .71, .96 and 1.21mm gauges. These picks produce an enhanced midrange and warm tone with the classic feel of a premium celluloid pick. 

Taylor Premium Thermex® Ultra – Ruby Swirl/Blue Swirl

These are the most popular guitar picks from the Taylor Darktone® Series. Made with an exclusive thermo-bonding process that produces broad overtones, slightly scooped mids, with a touch of high-end presence and sparkle for a warmer, more articulate guitar tone. Available in the classic 351 shape, Ruby Swirl or Blue Swirl. Precision-cut in 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5mm sizes.

Taylor Premium Thermex® Ultra – Black Onyx/Abalone

These are the original Taylor Darktone® guitar picks. Made with an exclusive thermo-bonding process that creates a rich, well-balanced tone across the lows, mids and highs. Slightly warmer than the Thermex Ultra Ruby Swirl/Blue Swirl. Available in the classic 351 shape. Precision-cut in 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5mm gauge sizes.

Taylor Premium Thermex® Pro

The most traditional style and feel from the Darktone® Series. Made with a proprietary thermoplastic to resemble authentic tortoiseshell. They glide smoothly off each string for an extremely warm, rich, articulate response with less twang. Available in 351346 and 651 shapes. Precision cut to a 1.5mm gauge size.

Taylor Premium Taylex®

These picks offer the boldest response of the Taylor Darktone® Series. Their proprietary thermoplastic material is bright and lively with a smooth low end and rich, sparkling treble tones that are warmer and more complex than celluloid. Perfect for players with an aggressive attack. Available in 651351 and 346 shapes. Precision-cut to a 1.25mm size.

Taylor Primetone® Picks

Taylor Primetone picks deliver exceptional durability and tonal definition. 


Taylor Primetone®

These picks glide quickly off your strings for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming. Made from Ultex®, these picks offer a balanced tone with high-end presence and a fast, immediate response. Offered in the 351 shape and a textured surface for improved grip. 88, 1.0 and 1.3mm sizes. Three picks per pack by size.

Taylor Ultex®

Taylor Ultex® picks combine flexibility with a monstrous attack. Lightweight, yet virtually indestructible with a wide dynamic range. Their edge yields a smooth release off the string with high fidelity, presence and detail. Slightly scooped midrange. Available in .73, 1.0 and 1.14mm sizes. Six picks per pack by size.

Taylor Premium Celluloid

Taylor Celluloid Picks come in Classic Shell, White Pearl and Abalone color patterns in the 351 shape. Perfect for players who love the traditional, brighter, percussive tone and feel of a classic pick. Available in .46, .71, .96 and 1.21mm gauge sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do picks affect the tone of your guitar?

Yes, the material and gauge play a huge part in the sound. The general rule of thumb is the thicker the pick, the more volume and richness of tone. Details are listed in the pick descriptions.

Shouldn't I use a thinner pick for a softer sound?

No, this is a common misconception. For a softer sound, simply hold the thicker pick slightly looser in your hand. This will produce a fuller, softer sound.

How do I determine which pick thickness is right for me?

Taylor recommends using the thickest pick that feels comfortable. The best way to determine this is simply to get them in your hands.

Can these picks be used on both an electric and acoustic guitar?


About TaylorWare Picks

For many guitar players, the choice of which guitar pick to use is very simple. Usually, it’s whatever’s easily available, often a celluloid medium pick. However, many players don’t know that the choice of guitar pick has a significant effect on the actual tone of the guitar, as well as changing the feel as you play.

The selection of guitar picks from Taylor, designed in-house with high-quality materials, offers guitarists a wider range of sounds to explore with their acoustic guitars. From the original celluloid pick to ivoroid and new materials like Taylex and Thermex, the TaylorWare store is packed with guitar picks that will inspire you to try new styles and musical approaches when you play.

Celluloid picks, the most traditional of the bunch, offer a fairly bright, articulate response, drawing out the guitar’s treble range. For strummers and flatpickers, celluloid picks have been the industry standard in part because their tonal character functions well across genres. Ivoroid picks tend to produce more power in the midrange, appealing to players seeking a warmer sound.

However, Taylor’s DarkTone picks provide even more seasoned musical response resulting from a combination of their materials and their physical design. Taylex, Thermex Ultra, and Thermex Pro picks add a darker touch to your acoustic guitar, drawing out more bass frequencies while helping eliminate harsh treble frequencies. Some Taylor guitar picks feature beveled edges that allow the pick to gracefully slide off the string, leading to a warmer, more rounded sound, while a sharper edge is likely to bring out brightness and clarity. Thicker picks like the Thermex Pro 1.5mm 6-pack can help the player generate more volume with their strumming and flatpicking.

Taylor acoustic guitar picks are made in three distinct shapes. The 351 shape is the industry standard and the most common pick shape for all types of guitar players. The 651 shape, meanwhile, is often favored by jazz players for its small size and fast playing feel, perfect for quick runs that need to be articulate enough to cut through a mix of other musicians. Finally, the 346 shape offers a more generous gripping surface that may appeal to players who find themselves dropping their picks more than they’d like, and also provides a slightly warmer response thanks to its wider point.

Explore the TaylorWare store to learn more about Taylor guitar picks, or visit your local Taylor dealer to see the picks in person.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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We know you want your gear fast and shipped to you free of charge. That’s why we have free shipping on the majority of order shipped within the continental United States. We also ship over 90% of our orders with FREE 2-day shipping, and many of our orders come with FREE 1-day shipping. We pull it all off with our strategically placed, coast-to-coast warehouses, which we keep open late. Orders ship up to 10 p.m. Eastern time every weekday. To learn more about shipping, visit

How do I process a return?

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We want to get your new gear to your door as quickly as possible. Please visit or contact Taylor Customer Service at 1-800-579-1407.

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