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Guitar Care
Guitar Care

Guitar Care

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Shop essential care tools that will keep your Taylor guitar in... peak condition for a lifetime of music.

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Cleaners and Polishes

Cleaners & Polishes

Our specially formulated cleaners and polishes keep your guitar free of fingerprints, oils, dirt and grime. For best results, use our cleaner for satin-finished guitars and our polish for gloss-finished guitars. Use our microfiber cloths for a perfect streak-free shine.


Truss Rod

Truss Rod Wrenches

Our truss rod adjustment tool allows you to make minor tweaks to the relief in your neck so that you can keep your action just how you like it.



The TaylorSense guitar health monitoring unit features a smart sensor box that installs into the battery compartment of any Taylor guitar with electronics powered by a 9-volt battery. Sending data straight to your smartphone via Bluetooth, TaylorSense lets you monitor temperature, humidity, and impact data to help you keep your guitar in great shape.



Acoustic guitars often respond to changes in humidity and temperature—especially guitars made with all-solid woods. A hygrometer makes it easy to keep an eye on the climate conditions in your guitar’s case or wherever you store it.

Caring for Your Guitar

Every guitar deserves to look beautiful under the spotlights. With TaylorWare’s wide selection of guitar care products, it’s easy to polish and protect your guitar so that it sounds, feels and looks as good as it did the day you first picked it up.

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