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The TaylorWare store is currently undergoing maintenance. You will be unable to purchase products online at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-943-6782 for further assistance.


Guitar Care

All acoustic guitars benefit from regular care and maintenance. Browse the TaylorWare shop for all your guitar care needs.

Caring For Your Instrument

Every Taylor guitar is crafted to last for generations. Our goal is to make taking care of your guitar as easy as possible, so you can spend more time playing, and less time buffing. The ideal guitar care routine involves…
Humidity Control

Dry conditions can lead to guitar damage. A guitar humidifier will protect your Taylor and keep it playing and sounding its best.


Cleaning your guitar regularly can help keep it playing smoothly and sounding great.

Temperature Control

Extreme heat, quick temperature swings and extreme cold can effect the sound and health of your guitar.


Proper use of the truss rod can help compensate for seasonal changes, different string gauges, different playing styles, and slightly worn frets.

Polish, Cleaners & Oil

Keep your guitar looking and feeling fresh with guitar polishes for glossy finishes, cleaners for satin finishes and conditioning oil for your fretboard.
Taylor Guitar Polish, 4 oz.

Use our premium guitar polish to add shine and brilliance to your gloss-finished guitar.

Taylor Satin Guitar Cleaner, 4 oz.

Our unique formula is the perfect choice for satin- or matte-finished guitars.

Taylor Fretboard Conditioner, 2 oz.

Condition and hydrate your fretboard without leaving residue that ends up on your strings and fingers.

Truss Rod Wrench

A quick home adjustment might be the difference between a visit to the guitar tech and hours of easy-playing fun.


Keep track of your guitar’s health in real-time with TaylorSense, our smart battery box and sensor system that wirelessly sends temperature, humidity and impact alerts to your smartphone.