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Grand Symphony

Available in: 300 Series, 800 Series, Koa Series 
Shown: 326ce

Available in: 300 Series, 800 Series, Koa Series 
Shown: 326ce





Rich and robust, the Grand Symphony yields arena-filling power and broad dynamic range.

  • Designed by Bob Taylor in 2006
  • Revoiced by Andy Powers in 2020
  • Rich, piano-like bass, strong midrange, and thick trebles
  • Strong volume when strumming or flatpicking, and responsive clarity with a light attack.
  • Orchestral, surround-sound musical experience

The Grand Symphony shape joined the line in 2006, and with recent upgrades developed by Andy Powers, it’s now more powerful and balanced than ever. Think of it as a Grand Auditorium with a turbo boost, thanks to expanded physical dimensions, including a slightly wider waist and a bigger lower bout. With a slightly larger footprint than the Grand Auditorium, the GS yields a slightly more potent and dynamic all-around sound. Players can expect deeper bass, thicker trebles, and increased volume and low-end sustain, all without disrupting the tonal balance and clarity of the guitar.

The addition of V-Class bracing brings a new dimension to this body shape, driving greater volume and sustain while emphasizing the clarity, tonal complexity, and full-bodied resonance that make the Grand Symphony so musically exciting. In line with the Taylor spirit of innovation, we’ve also added a soundport cutaway to each Grand Symphony guitar. It’s a partial Florentine cutaway that leaves the guitar’s back intact, with an additional soundhole carved into the cutaway that provides high-fidelity projection along with access to the higher frets.

Strummers and pickers with an aggressive attack will love the Grand Symphony’s combination fullness, volume and sustain. Yet for such a robust voice, the GS is also clear and responsive to fast picking runs or a light fingerstyle touch, so if you’re a dynamic player, this shape is a true contender. And the big voice doesn’t come at the expense of balance. The piano-like bass, meaty midrange, and thick, shimmering highs blend seamlessly. If you like a lush, potent guitar tone that has the horsepower to compete with other acoustic cannons out there, the GS shape is a worthy choice.

Specifications:   Body Length: 20" / Body Width: 16 1/4" / Body Depth: 4 5/8"


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