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Taylor Artists

Taylor is proud to support musicians of all styles at all levels of success. Discover how our guitars contribute to a wide range of expression by this family of passionate artists.
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Introducing the Taylor Guitars Artist Spotlight

Featuring video, interviews, and performances with artists from across the music industry, our spotlight program kicks off with multi-talented songwriter and guitarist Ben Harper.
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Artists News

Roots on the Road: the Van Lears on Touring, Writing, and a New EP

When guitarist Trey Van Lear and bassist Andrew Van Lear say they’ve been playing...

Wood&Steel: Emerging Artist Jade Bird

During an April taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a spotlight fades up on a petite woman holding a gleaming white Taylor guitar before a backdrop of shadowed musicians.

Far Out: Rock and Roll Renaissance Man Jonah Matranga

Jonah Matranga may not be a household name, but for over 25 years...

Artists Videos

Taylor Artists on V-Class Bracing | Taylor Guitars

Listen as a few of our dedicated artists describe the impact of V-Class bracing on the music they create.

Smithfield "Hey Whiskey" Live at NAMM 2017 - Taylor Guitars

Trey and Jennifer of Smithfield took the stage at our NAMM booth this year to perform a few songs.

Become a Taylor Artist

Discover how you can join the Taylor family of artists.
Taylor Musical Artists

Our acoustic guitars have inspired musicians around the world to pursue their dreams, and we’re proud that some of our guitars have helped so many artists create music. Some of these belong to the Taylor family of artists, creators from all backgrounds who have forged a special connection with Taylor Guitars and our instruments. Our artists come from all over the world and play in virtually every style and genre—traditional singer-songwriters, country artists, blues players, jazz guitarists, classical musicians, even hard rockers and metal players all play and create on their Taylor guitars.

Because we believe in supporting artists in all stages of their careers, we do not pay our artists financially, instead choosing to focus our efforts on creators who are just climbing the difficult slope to success in the music business. Though our roster of partner musicians includes major contemporary artists such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Zac Brown, and Jason Mraz, we also work closely with Taylor players who are working hard to share their music with a larger fanbase. Songwriters like Daria Musk and Jade Bird have played Taylors on their records and on tour, while others like Steph Johnson and Mimi Fox are actively involved in Taylor-produced events.

All of our artists have worked hard to establish their musical platform, and we’re proud to partner with musicians who innovate in their music as we do in our guitar-making. If you are an artist who is interested in forming a relationship with Taylor, contact us and tell us what you’re all about.