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Designed for the Ultimate Playing Experience

"Featuring our finest craftsmanship, the Builder’s Edition family represents a new step forward in acoustic guitar comfort, playability and tone."

The Builder’s Edition Philosophy


Refined body shapes, innovative interior bracing, and premium tonewoods deliver high-fidelity acoustic tone that performs across genres and playing styles.


With sleek body contours and a host of player-focused features, these guitars offer an optimized feel to inspire and elevate your playing.

Builder’s Edition 324ce

Crafted with Urban Ash™, this versatile guitar marries our passions for musical expression and environmental stewardship. We’re thrilled to introduce a tonewood we love that also supports urban forest management.

Builder’s Edition 816ce

V-Class bracing and an innovative soundport transform this redesigned Grand Symphony into an orchestral instrument capable of high-fidelity, room-filling sound.

Builder’s Edition 912ce

Designed with electric guitar players in mind, this small-body rosewood acoustic blends sleek contouring features with a rich, articulate and responsive voice.

Builder’s Edition 652ce

The first 12-string in our Builder’s Edition collection builds on Taylor’s rich heritage of player-friendly 12-strings. V-Class bracing, electric guitar-inspired contouring, and a reverse-strung setup translate into a uniquely inspiring playing experience.

Builder’s Edition 614ce

This player-reflective maple/torrefied spruce Grand Auditorium is an acoustic chameleon in the best possible way. Playing comfort and touch sensitivity translate into a guitar that channels the player, offering a breadth of musical expression.

Builder’s Edition K24ce

What could make one of our seductive all-koa guitars more inspiring? The inviting feel of a beveled cutaway and armrest for extra playing comfort. This Builder’s Edition beauty is a feast for the senses.

Builder’s Edition K14ce

Our original Builder’s Edition guitar, featuring gorgeous Hawaiian koa paired with torrefied Sitka spruce, remains a champion of the line, blending elegant organic beauty with an inviting handfeel that promises new musical discoveries.

Builder’s Edition 517

One of two models to introduce our Grand Pacific body style, the mahogany/torrefied spruce Builder’s Edition 517 channels the warmth and power of classic mahogany dreadnoughts in a whole new way with the help of V-Class bracing and player-friendly contouring.

Builder’s Edition 717

Inspired by acoustic recordings from decades ago, this rosewood Grand Pacific revitalizes the dreadnought body shape with exceptional tonal clarity, complexity and power. Playing this guitar feels like getting together with an old friend.

V-Class Bracing

Our revolutionary new sonic engine powers each Builder’s Edition guitar, reshaping the sound to produce more volume and sustain, with notes that are more in tune from top to bottom.

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Critics' Reviews

Check out what the critics are saying about Builder's Edition models

The new Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce Grand Auditorium is a genuine innovation in the history of acoustic guitars.
This K14ce is an incredible representation to Taylor’s dedication to craft, which represents their dedication to players. Whether the player is tracking sessions, playing live, or having a guitar in his or her hands for the first time, there is a Taylor guitar fit for anybody who wants to play.
A stage-ready, tonally adept instrument that will provide the goods reliably for years.
The luxurious playing experience will spoil you for pretty much every other acoustic, feeling awkward and unrefined in comparison.
Editor's Pick Award
The 324ce’s playability is sheer pleasure and versatility. Fingerpicking comes as readily as plectrum strumming, and chords come together as willingly as notes in single strokes

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