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Acoustic Guitars by Series

The Taylor Guitars acoustic line is organized by series. Each series features a unique combination of tonewoods and aesthetic details, which add up to a diverse mix of musical personalities. For left-handed players, all models are available in a left-handed configuration at no additional charge, except most Builder's Edition models. All Taylor models come with a Taylor hardshell case or protective gig bag.

Academy Series Guitars

The ideal guitars for anyone on a budget, these guitars are perfectly distilled for an inviting and inspiring playing experience.

Popular Models: Academy 10, Academy 12e, Academy 12e-N

Starting at $499 USD

100 Series Guitars

Solid Sitka spruce and layered walnut deliver quality and value without compromise.

Popular Models: 110e, 114ce, 150e

Starting at $799 USD

200 Series Guitars

Solid Sitka spruce paired with a selection of layered tonewoods make for a classic look and sound. Available in standard and Deluxe models.

Popular models: 214ce, 210ce Plus, 214ce Plus

Starting at $999 USD

GT Series Guitars

The compact, accessible GT (Grand Theater) combines the playing comfort of a smaller guitar with bold, powerful acoustic tone.

Popular Models: GT Urban Ash, GTe Urban Ash

Starting at $1,399 USD

American Dream® Series

With solid tonewoods, V-Class bracing and minimal appointments, these striking guitars offer professional acoustic tone in an accessible package.

Featured models: AD17, AD17e Blacktop, AD27

Starting at $1,399 USD

300 Series Guitars

The all-solid-wood experience starts here. Choose from sapele with spruce, or blackwood with mahogany.

Popular Models: 314ce, 324ce, 322ce 12-Fret317e

Starting at $1,699 USD

400 Series Guitars

Spruce is matched with your choice of rosewood or ovangkol back and sides. Either way, expect a full-range acoustic voice.

Popular Models: 412ce414ce, 414ce-R

Starting at $2,299 USD

500 Series Guitars

Mahogany back and sides feature a choice of three distinctive top options: Lutz spruce, mahogany, or cedar.

Popular Models: 514ce, 517e WHB, 522e 12-Fret

Starting at $2,699 USD

600 Series Guitars

Our maple guitars have been revoiced and paired with specially seasoned spruce to produce a richer, warmer sound.

Popular Models: 614ce, Builder’s Edition 614ce (WHB)

Starting at $3,399 USD

700 Series Guitars

Rosewood and Lutz spruce create a bold and dynamic sound, with an optional vintage-look Western Sunburst top.

Popular Models: 714ce712e 12-FretBuilder's Edition 717e

Starting at $2,899 USD

800 Series Guitars

Our flagship rosewood/spruce collection offers a wealth of musical inspiration with updated appointments, a revoiced Grand Orchestra and the Builder’s Edition 816ce.

Popular Models: 812ce814ce, 812ce 12-Fret

Starting at $3,499 USD

900 Series Guitars

The most elegantly appointed of Taylor's rosewood/spruce series blends inspiring tone with design sophistication.

Popular Models: 914ce, 912ce 12-Fret

Starting at $4,999 USD

Koa Series Guitars

Hawaiian koa's exotic appeal is enhanced with a beautiful series of all-wood appointments.

Popular Models: Builder’s Edition K14ceBuilder's Edition K24ce, K22ce 12-Fret

Starting at $4,399 USD

Presentation Series Guitars

The pinnacle of the Taylor line features Tasmanian blackwood with either Sitka spruce or rare sinker redwood, along with an armrest and other luxurious appointments.

Popular Models: PS14ce, PS12ce 12-Fret

Starting at $8,899 USD

Travel, Custom, and Specialty Guitars

GS Mini Series Guitars

This scaled-down Grand Symphony packs a full guitar voice into a comfortably compact form.

Popular Models: GS Mini-e Walnut, GS Mini Mahogany, GS Mini-e Koa

Starting at $499 USD

GS Mini Bass Guitar

The GS Mini Bass offers players a remarkably inviting small-scale acoustic bass that’s compact, lightweight and ultra-comfortable on the hands.

Popular Models: GS Mini-e BassGS Mini-e Maple Bass

Starting at $699 USD

Baby Series Guitars

Our most compact guitar, the iconic Baby Taylor is perfect for kids and travelers. For a larger option, try the Big Baby.

Popular Models: Baby Taylor, Big BabyTSBT-e

Starting at $349 USD

Custom Guitar Program

Design the Taylor of your dreams by choosing from a rich menu of custom options.

Specialty Guitars

Choose from an array of distinctive acoustic voices, including nylon-string, 12-string, 12-fret, and signature models.

V-Class™ Guitars

A new sonic engine, our next major guitar innovation, delivers enhanced volume, sustain, and intonation for a stirring, articulate sound.

Other Ways to Explore the Taylor Guitars Line


Each Taylor body shape yields a distinctive tonal personality.


The finest tonewoods give you a rich palette of tonal flavors.

Model Numbers

Learn about and browse by Taylor model numbers.