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The TaylorWare store is currently undergoing maintenance. You will be unable to purchase products online at this time. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-943-6782 for further assistance.


Straps designed for comfort, style and function.

Straps make one of the largest contact points with the body, so comfort, fit and feel are just as important as overall design. We carefully craft each strap with exacting detail and consideration to help enhance your playing experience.

Featured Straps

Here are a few of our most popular strap designs.

Taylor GS Mini Strap

The Taylor GS Mini Guitar Strap is sharp and practical, making it a perfect complement for any GS Mini. Available in black, chocolate or tan. Model# 4001-20

Taylor Blue Denim Strap

The Taylor Blue Denim guitar strap is charged with American tradition, featuring a combination of classic blue denim fabric and genuine navy leather. Made in the USA. Model# 4300-25

Taylor Wings Distressed Leather Strap

The Taylor Wings 2.5" Distressed Leather Guitar Strap’s rustic, multilayered, dark brown character makes it a quintessential distressed leather strap. Made in the USA. Model# 4109-25

Taylor Embroidered Suede Strap

The Taylor Embroidered Suede Guitar Strap bears a beautifully straightforward look. Aside from the embossed Taylor logo, this strap features no ornamentation, allowing our high-quality suede to speak for itself. Model# 4400-25

Taylor Reflections Leather Strap, Palomino Leather

This Taylor Reflections Leather Guitar Strap features a bold blend of spruce and ebony coloring, making it the perfect complement to any acoustic guitar. Made in the USA. Model# 4111-25

Straps by Material - Denim and Suede

Taylor Denim and Suede straps are some of the most unique straps to complement any guitar. Charged with American tradition, these straps stand out in a crowd.
Taylor Blue Denim 2" Guitar Strap - Gold Logo


Taylor Blue Denim 2.5" Guitar Strap - Navy Edge


Taylor 2.5" Embroidered Suede Guitar Strap


Taylor Swift Signature Guitar Strap


Straps by Material - Cotton

Cotton straps known for their lightweight comfort and affordability. Taylor cotton guitar straps are made in the USA using the highest-quality premium cotton.
Taylor GS Mini Guitar Strap


Frequently Asked Questions

Will these strap work with my guitar?

These straps will work with almost every acoustic or electric guitar throughout the world.

Is the length of the straps adjustable?

Yes, this strap can be made longer or shorter to accommodate almost every sitting or standing style of playing.

Are these straps reversible?

No. Both sides of Taylor straps are purposefully designed. One side provides comfort and support while the other side complements the player’s instrument, music and style.

Is this strap for left-handed or right-handed players?

All Taylor straps are universal for right- and left-handed players.

About TaylorWare Guitar Straps

Inspiring design and unmatched comfort have long been the hallmarks of Taylor Guitars, and those traits are reflected in our line of premium Taylor guitar straps. Made with quality materials and crafted to mirror the beauty of specific guitars and Series throughout the Taylor line, these acoustic guitar straps offer both attractive aesthetics and an optimal playing experience.

Taylor guitar straps come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials, and many are embroidered with designs that correspond to the inlay patterns used in Taylor guitars from several different Series. Embroidery patterns include designs such as the Nouveau, Ascension and Spring Vine, featured on some of Taylor’s most high-performance guitars. Match your new acoustic guitar strap with your own Taylor, or mix styles for striking visual contrast. Many straps are also adorned with nickel conchos for a classic western feel.

For materials, we strive to source all components and fabrics from the United States, and our range of leather guitar straps and vegan leather guitar straps are crafted with care to offer the best playing experience a strap can provide. You’ll also find denim guitar straps and lightweight polyester straps in the TaylorWare store. Strap sizes range from 2 to 3 inches in width, with padding built into the strap for a more comfortable feel on your shoulder. With the extra padding and width of Taylor straps, you’ll be ready to play through long practice sessions and performances. All of Taylor’s straps can be used as electric guitar straps as well.

Whether you play guitar for the love of writing songs and playing with friends, for the thrill of performing on stage or just for fun at home, a Taylor guitar strap is sure to enhance the feel and comfort of your guitar and inspire you to keep playing and grow as a musician.