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Blackheart Sassafras

The “blackheart” name comes from the wood’s exotic variegation, specifically the appearance of dark striping caused by fungus that forms in the heartwood of the tree. Tonally, the wood blends low-end warmth and dryness, top-end chime, and strong, focused projection.
Blackheart Sassafras

Origin: Tasmania

Used On: Limited Editions, Custom Models

Goes Well With: A variety of playing styles. It can be a bit of a chameleon in that its tonal personality tends to reflect the player. A person might bring out more of a mahogany sound, or rosewood, maple, walnut or something else depending on the playing approach and the body style of the guitar.

Blackheart sassafras is an exotically beautiful variation on the more common sassafras tree that’s native to Tasmania. The “blackheart” distinction refers to dark, dramatic striping in the otherwise blond-colored wood, which is caused by fungi that form in the heartwood of the tree. Its tonal properties give it a truly unique sonic personality compared to other tonewoods. It blends some of the dry, woody response of walnut or mahogany; the note separation and focus of maple or myrtle; and the top-end overtones of rosewood.