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Layered Blackwood

A blackwood veneer with laminate construction blends exotic beauty, resilience and affordability.
Layered Blackwood

Used On: Limited Editions

  • The exotic look of Tasmanian blackwood made more affordably
  • Durable construction is more stable with changing humidity
  • Used On: Spring 2012 Limited Edition GS Mini Blackwood

Blackwood is part of the Acacia species and often bears a resemblance to Hawaiian koa, also a member of the Acacia family. Like Taylor’s other layered wood, layered blackwood features an all-wood laminated construction, with interior and exterior layers of figured blackwood veneer separated by a middle core layer of poplar. Though the tonal properties of layered wood aren’t as complex as solid wood, the construction method enables us to conserve tonewood resources and offer attractive, durable instruments at a more inviting price. A solid spruce top and Taylor craftsmanship ensure a clear, balanced tonal response.