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Find Your Fit: Acoustic

How to choose the Taylor that’s right for you. Download our Find Your Fit Quick Guide to get started.

What's Your Player Profile?

The more you know about your playing style, the easier it will be to find a guitar that fits you. Do you want a versatile performer or something more specialized? If you're not sure, consider your musical interests and what you crave from a guitar.

Start with Shapes

An acoustic guitar’s body design literally shapes its sound. Taylor offers five shapes that range from small and intimate to big and powerful. As you play different shapes, consider how each one feels against you. The more comfortable you feel, the more naturally you'll play.

Season with Woods

Woods “flavor” a guitar body's fundamental sound. Once you’ve found a shape you like best, try playing different models with that same shape but different woods. Pay attention to which one inspires you the most.

Choose Your Look

A guitar's visual aesthetic can add to its inspiring properties. From beautiful woods to thoughtful design details, each Taylor acoustic series is set apart by a unique set of appointments that can range from simple and organic to exquisitely detailed.

Specialty Models

Beyond our standard steel-string acoustics is an array of guitars for more specialized applications. These include ultra-portable small-body guitars, nylon-strings, 12-strings, baritones, and 12-fret models.

Find the Right Guitar For You