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T5z Series

The sleek hollowbody that electric players will love

Like its bigger sibling, the T5, the hollowbody T5z packs a dynamic range of electric and amplified acoustic tones into one guitar. The difference is a more compact body size (closer to a solidbody) and playing features that electric players will love: a 12-inch fretboard radius (compared to 15-inch on the T5), jumbo frets that making bending strings easier, and slightly more feedback resistance with high-gain distortion. Hybrid electric/acoustic design features include a three-pickup configuration — a magnetic acoustic body sensor, a concealed neck humbucker, and a visible bridge humbucker — plus five-way switching and onboard tone controls that let you shift from shimmering acoustic to screaming electric in an instant. The guitar’s dual compatibility with electric and acoustic amps is the icing on the cake, putting incredible performance versatility into a player’s hands.

Like the T5, the T5z is available in four model options, each distinguished by soundboard choices of flamed koa, curly maple, spruce or mahogany, with corresponding appointment packages and color options. Two 12-string T5z models (Custom and Classic) are also offered.

T5z Models

T5z Standard

$2,998 US MSRP

T5z Pro-RW LTD

$3,498 US MSRP

T5z Classic DLX

$2,638 US MSRP

T5z-12 Custom

$3,938 US MSRP

T5z-12 Classic

$2,358 US MSRP

T5z Pro Special Edition

$3,498 US MSRP

T5z Custom

$3,798 US MSRP

T5z Standard

$2,998 US MSRP

T5z Pro

$3,498 US MSRP

T5z Classic

$2,218 US MSRP

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