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From precision craftsmanship to personal service, Bob Taylor’s innovative vision has given Taylor players a better guitar experience

Innovation is the cornerstone of Taylor’s heritage. It started with Bob Taylor’s forward-thinking approach to building guitars, and has taken root as a core philosophy of our culture, driving everything we do. Whether we’re sourcing wood, crafting instruments, or serving customers, our passion for innovation is a means to an end: a better guitar experience. Here are a few ways that innovation sets the Taylor experience apart:

Playable Necks

From our sleek, comfortable neck profile to our groundbreaking neck design, stable, easy-playing necks are a signature feature of a Taylor guitar. Taylor's patented neck design allows the neck angle to be set with remarkable precision on every guitar. As a result, every Taylor neck is straight and the intonation is true. The design also allows for micro-adjustability, so your neck can be serviced easily without compromising its stability, as long as you own the guitar. A similar design approach applies to our electric guitars with the single-bolt T-Lock® neck joint. As the neck is bolted in place, it pulls down and back toward the bridge for perfect alignment and stability. Whichever type of Taylor you reach for, the neck will never get in the way of your playing experience.

Clear, Balanced Tone

Through the passionate pursuit of great acoustic tone, a Taylor guitar has come to define the modern acoustic sound. Players and sound engineers love the tonal balance and clarity, which makes a Taylor easy to record and mix with other instruments in the studio and on stage. Bob’s experimentation with acoustic body shapes led to proprietary body styles like the Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert, and Grand Symphony, and with master guitar builder Andy Powers, the Grand Orchestra. From there, we broke from decades of guitar-building tradition to create V-Class bracing, a revolutionary design that adds volume and sustain while producing even, orderly intonation. Our dedication to creativity continues to put an impressive range of tonal options in the hands of players, inspiring fresh musical discoveries and moving the craft of guitar-making forward.

Advanced Pickup Design

Our passion for exceptional acoustic tone led us into the realm of pickup design to give players great amplified sound for live performance. Taylor’s proprietary Expression System® 2 acoustic electronics faithfully reproduce the natural sound of an acoustic guitar, allowing your playing nuances to come through in a transparent way. Other breakthrough Taylor electronics include pickups for the hybrid electric/acoustic T5, T5z, and semi-hollowbody T3.

Precision Craftsmanship

Bob Taylor’s pioneering use of modern tooling and technology has had an industry-leading impact on virtually every aspect of the guitar-making process. By embracing computer-controlled milling, laser-cutting, robotic finish spraying and buffing, and other cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Taylor has elevated craftsmanship to a level of impeccable precision and detail. The benefits include consistently high quality and the ability to add striking aesthetic refinements to a guitar that could never be produced using traditional methods.

Model Options

The Taylor product line gives players a rich musical palette to explore. Beyond our robust selection of acoustic models, we’ve built additional flexibility into our line with an array of standard model options, while our extensive Custom program makes designing your dream guitar a convenient reality. It’s never been easier to get exactly what you want from us.


Bob Taylor has applied innovative thinking to support the sustainable use of tonewoods for generations to come. Taylor’s manufacturing methods are designed to reduce waste and maximize the amount of usable wood yielded from each tree harvested. We’ve partnered with environmental groups and local communities internationally to create pioneering programs that serve as healthy models for responsible forestry. We’ve embraced alternative woods with sustainable growth cycles. We’ve gone beyond simply complying with environmental laws to assume an industry-wide leadership role in the way we source and purchase wood. When you buy a Taylor, you can feel confident that the woods used for your guitar have been procured in the most responsible way possible.

Service and Support

We’re more than just a guitar manufacturer. We’re a full-service guitar resource center that can help customers before they ever purchase a guitar, and a repair and service center that’s dedicated to helping owners keep their Taylor guitars in top condition. We understand that people want to be well-informed before investing in a guitar, which is why you can always call us and talk to a knowledgeable service representative if you have questions. When you become a Taylor owner you also become part of the extended Taylor family.