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Ivan Music LTD /千帆乐器

No.125 Jun Xin Road, Niu Hu, Guanlan County, Long Hua New District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

0755-23763621    0755-23068406

Please e-mail us at for help with all your Taylor needs.

Taylor Guitars is proud to partner with IVAN MUSIC LTD/千帆乐器in CHINA/中国, who shares our commitment to providing you with the best possible Taylor experience and service.

Customer Support and Service

Taylor Guitars is happy to answer your questions about finding the right Taylor for you or any questions that arise once you’ve purchased a Taylor guitar. Please use the contact information below for local support and service.

Protect Against Counterfeits

To protect yourself against counterfeiters, we recommend that you purchase a Taylor guitar from an authorized Taylor dealer. Also, be sure to look for trademarked Taylor designs such as the Taylor peghead shape and Taylor logo, the bridge design and the pickguard design. Please note that Taylor does not manufacture any guitars in Asia. For more information about protecting yourself, visit our Counterfeit page.

Taylor Owners

Registering your Taylor will keep you connected to all things Taylor. Registering will also ensure the fastest possible service, should your guitar ever be in need of repair. Click here to register.

Become an Insider

Sign up for the Taylor Insider e-mail newsletter and get the latest news and information delivered right to your inbox. The Taylor Insider is distributed between four and six times a year and your personal information will not be shared.

Dealer Address & Contact Repair Level
世音琴行 / Worldwide Music Musical Instrument Store
上海市金陵东路500 号 No. 500 JinLing East Road,HuangPu District,ShangHai City , +86 021-63281569
汇千乐器 / HuiQian Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
广东省佛山市禅城区建新路钻石苑P3 号铺 No.P3, First Floor, Block 7, No.103, Jianxin Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, , +86 0757-83202129
福音琴行 / FuYin Music Musical Instrument Store
辽宁省大连市西岗区中山路236 号 NO.236,Zhongshan Road,Xigang District, Dalian City, LiaoNing province , 0411-83704332
广州汇千乐器有限公司 / HuiQian Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd.
广东省广州市越秀区万福路335号 No. 335, Wanfu Road, Yuexiu District Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province +86 020-82331335
旋转七天乐器 / Music Seven Musical Instrument Store
北京市东城区鼓楼东大街28号 No.28, East Street, Gulou, Dongcheng District Beijing, +86 010-84043614
福达琴行 / Fu Da Musical Instrument Store (Bei Jing)
北京市东城区鼓楼东大街35号-1-2 No.35-1-2, East Street, Gulou, Dongcheng District Beijing, +86 010-64029720
北京市朝阳区高碑店吉里国际艺术区W2-A01a W2-a01a, Jili International Art District, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District Beijing City, China +86 13001922900
酷乐堂 / KuYueTang
北京市西城区新街口南大街81 号 NO.81, South Street, Xinjiekou, Beijing, Xicheng District ,Beijing City Beijing City, China +86 010-66561839
长春博音乐器 / Boin Music Musical Instrument Store (Chang Chun )
吉林省长春市经济技术开发区7区北海路850号 No.850,Beihai Road,No.7 District,Economic Development Zone Changchun City, Jilin Province +86 15500000251
飞琴行 / Fly Music Musical Instrument Store
江苏省常州市钟楼区都市桃源商业街68-223 NO.68-223, Taoyuan commercial street, Zhonglou District Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province +86 0519-86857720
声威乐器 / Sheng Wei Music Musical Instrument Store
成都市武侯区新生路5号-21 No.5-21,Xinsheng Road,Wuhou District Chengdu City, +86 028-85443467
重庆伯牙琴行 / Boya Musical Instrument Store (Chong Qing )
重庆市沙坪坝区沙中路重大科技园平街一楼 First floor, Ping Street, great science and Technology Park, Sha Zhong Road, Shapingba District Chongqing , +86 13708393312
塞翁琴行 / Seven Music Musical Instrument Store
黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区地段街197号 No.197,Diduan Road,Daoli District Haerbin City, Heilongjiang Province +86 0451-84633334
琴庐乐器 / Guitar Lu Musical Instrument Store
浙江省杭州市西湖区高技街57号 No.57,Gaoji Road,Xihu District Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province +86 0571-88080713
吹拉堂乐器 / Chui LaTang Musical Instrument Store (Yun Nan)
云南省昆明市西山区云纺商业区新天地一楼58号 No.58,Xintiandi First Floor,Yunfang Business District,Xishan District Kunming City, Yunnan Province +86 0871-4199333
南京木弦吉他专卖店 / Nan Jing Mu Xian Guitar Musical Instrument Store
江苏省南京市秦淮区大光路55号-12 No.55-12,Daguang Road,Qinhuai District Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province +86 025-83430146
杰奏乐器 / Jamzoul Musical Instrument Store
陕西省西安市碑林区南郭路38号 No.38,Nanguo Road ,Beilin District Xian City, Shanxi Province +86 029-87892152