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The TaylorSense Mobile App

Your dashboard for monitoring the health of your Taylor guitar. Available for both iOS and Android.

What is the TaylorSense App?

The free TaylorSense App is a groundbreaking guitar resource that helps you care for your Taylor guitar wherever you go.  Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, the TaylorSense App provides dashboard control for an optional add-on feature for your Taylor guitar called TaylorSense, which uses sensors to monitor the humidity, temperature and battery life of your guitar along with any potentially damaging physical impacts it suffers, and sends you alert messages when it needs care.  It also gives you access to a wealth of guitar care videos, support, and solutions to common care problems.

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An add-on smart battery box that integrates with the TaylorSense App, TaylorSense monitors your Taylor guitar and sends alerts when it needs care.

A digital hygrometer monitors the humidity of your Taylor guitar. If the levels remain too low or high, you’ll receive an alert.


Exposure to extreme heat or cold can damage a guitar. TaylorSense alerts you if the temperature becomes dangerous for your guitar.


Got an onboard pickup? TaylorSense lets you check your battery life anytime through the app, so you’ll always know where you stand.


TaylorSense will alert you if your guitar suffers a serious blow and record the time of the impact, so you can inspect it for damage.

Guitar Care

Enjoy access to a library of videos and other tech support for your guitar.
How-To Videos

Easy-to-follow videos that walk you through common support topics step-by-step to help you care for your guitar.

Tech Support

Articles crafted by Taylor Guitars' tech experts to guide you through a host of helpful self-service tips

Common Solutions

All the advice you need and answers to frequently asked questions to keep your guitar playing and sounding great.

The TaylorSense Mobile App – Available Now for both iOS and Android

Compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices and operating system versions.

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