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Small Wonder

Meet the irresistible GS Mini Bass guitar

Introducing Taylor’s Small-Scale Acoustic Bass

Say hello to the GS Mini Bass guitar, a fun-to-play four-string addition to Taylor’s popular GS Mini family. Breakthrough designs have enabled us to create a compact, lightweight and portable acoustic bass that’s super easy to play and hard to put down. A new maple version adds another sonic flavor with distinct visual appeal, another excellent option for those looking for a practice instrument or an easy-to-record acoustic bass. Whether you’re a bass player craving a couch-friendly acoustic option or a guitar player who’d love to have an acoustic bass guitar on hand for writing, recording demos, or jamming with friends, you’ll love playing the GS Mini Bass.

The Models


The Design Magic of the GS Mini Bass

Taylor’s Andy Powers explains what makes the GS Mini Bass so unique and why it’s so much fun to play.

Breakthrough Design Features
Two game-changing designs brought the GS Mini Bass to life.
Custom Strings

Taylor worked with D’Addario to develop a set of custom strings exclusively for the GS Mini Bass. They feature a nylon core overwound with a coated phosphor bronze wrap wire. The result is a slinky feel and the ability to produce warm, clear bass notes. Because of the bass’s much shorter scale length, these are the only strings that will work with it. 

Dual-Prong Bridge Pins

Our patented new dual-prong bridge pin design enables the ball end of each string to be anchored on the opposite side of the bridge pin by passing between each pin’s two prongs. This allows a more secure anchoring of the strings. It also enables a more gradual string bend over the saddle, which optimizes the overall performance and sound.

Why You’ll Love the GS Mini Bass