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Limited Editions

Crafting limited edition guitars allows us to offer something with unique aesthetic appeal. The inspiration can come from anywhere--a rare batch of striking tonewoods, a new guitar design, or other fresh seasonal specials.

2017 Limited Editions

In this dynamic collection we showcase a blackheart sassafras 914ce, a rosewood/Lutz spruce 12-string Grand Concert, our first-ever spruce-top Dreadnought baritone, and a lively blackwood/Lutz Grand Auditorium.

2016 Limiteds

A honey sunburst sweetens our 300 Series, blackwood/mahogany baritones unleash expansive new tonal dimensions, and more from this year’s collection.

2015 Limiteds

Three exotic Florentine cutaway models bring a sharp flair to this collection. Each features wood from our tonewood reserves — flamed mahogany, quilted sapele, and blackheart sassafras. Other offerings include a koa/cedar Grand Symphony and a 300 Series rosewood/cedar Grand Auditorium.