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Taylor Guitars Artist Program


Thank you for your interest in the Taylor Guitars Artist Program. No matter where you may be in your career as a musician, our guitars promise a playing experience that brings out your best. Like the guitars we craft, we take great pride in the relationships we build with artists, and we admire those who embrace the challenges of pursuing music as a profession.

Overall, what we look for in a Taylor artist is someone who feels the kind of passion for playing a Taylor that has come to define "the Taylor experience" among other Taylor owners. Are you already a natural evangelist for the brand among friends and fans based on your enthusiasm for your Taylor? If so, perhaps we have the makings of a great relationship, one that will support and nurture your career.

Just as there are different levels of exposure in the music world, there are different levels of participation within our artist program. By answering the questions below, you'll help us learn more about you, which will determine whether you qualify, and if so, at what level. Once received, you will receive a submission confirmation. Your request will be reviewed by the Taylor Guitars Artist Relations team and if we can accommodate your request at this time, you will be contacted.

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Were you referred by another Taylor artist?
What Taylor guitars do you own?
Do you mainly play acoustic, electric or both?
How many shows do you do a year?
How many CDs have you sold/downloaded?
Are you a full-time musician?
What is your music style?
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