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Introducing the Taylor GT

Smaller size. Bigger sound. Serious fun.

Meet the Taylor GT


More and more players want the playing comfort of a smaller acoustic guitar without having to sacrifice tone. So Taylor master builder Andy Powers set out to design a new guitar that could deliver on both fronts — combining the inviting feel of a compact instrument with the rich voice of a full-size, all-solid-wood guitar.

Designed from the ground up, the new Taylor GT™ (short for Grand Theater) introduces a new category of acoustic guitar in size, feel and sound. Crafted on Taylor’s California campus, the GT’s uniquely modern proportions make it super fun and easy to play, with a big sonic personality worthy of any pro player’s toolbox.

A Compact Body

The new GT body style borrows the basic body curves of our Grand Orchestra (our largest body style), but they’re scaled down for comfort. The width at the lower bout is nearly the same as the Taylor Grand Concert, but the GT’s body length is shorter and the body depth is slightly reduced. This creates an accessible feel for all types of players and scenarios, from the couch to the campfire to the concert hall.

A Nimble Neck

The GT’s unique neck proportions are also scaled for the ultimate in playing comfort. The 24-1/8-inch scale length lies between our GS Mini and the Grand Concert. The result is light string tension — the same as if you tuned a guitar with a 25-1/2-inch scale length down a half step. The closer fret spacing will help your fret-hand dexterity, while the string spacing at the nut (1-23/32”) finds the sweet spot between 1-11/16” and 1-3/4”.

Rich, Robust Sound

Featuring all-solid-wood construction, the GT belies its size with a high-octane musical response. The secret sauce is our new C-Class™ voicing architecture inside the guitar. Inspired by our acclaimed V-Class® bracing, the C-Class design enhances the volume and sustain, while its unique asymmetrical pattern accentuates the lower frequencies. This allows the GT to produce a surprisingly warm bass response for its compact dimensions. The sound is sweet, focused and responsive — perfect for recording or plugging in with our ES2 pickup.

GTe Urban Ash | Urban Ash + Spruce

The first pair of acoustic guitars released with the new GT body shape features the GTe Urban Ash and its all-acoustic counterpart. Made with backs and sides of solid Urban Ash responsibly sourced from Shamel ash trees in need of removal from California municipal areas, these models generate a punchy midrange voice balanced with crisp highs and a rich low end boosted by our new C-Class bracing, developed specifically for the GT body shape. A solid spruce top rounds out the body and adds overall articulation, while the built-in ES2 pickup and preamp provide faithful sound for amplified situations and recording sessions.

GTe Urban Ash


GT Urban Ash


GT 811e | Indian Rosewood + Spruce

New for 2021, the GT 811e represents the first integration of the GT acoustic guitar body shape into the whole of the Taylor line. Like its siblings in the 800 Series, the GT 811e features solid East Indian rosewood back and sides paired with a solid Sitka spruce top. Under the hood, C-Class bracing produces impressive low-end power, volume and sustain for the compact proportions. The resulting tone sings with warmth and high-end clarity around a slightly scooped midrange that leaves a sweet spot open for vocals and other instruments. Rosewood’s famously high-fidelity response is on display here whether you’re recording acoustic tracks, practicing with your band, or just strumming on the couch, blending versatile musical character with an intimate, player-focused handfeel. Aesthetically, this model shares appointment details with the rest of the 800 Series, including mother-of-pearl fretboard and peghead inlays along with a 4.5-mil gloss-finish.

GT K21e | Hawaiian Koa

Hawaiian koa imbues any acoustic guitar with a distinctively vibrant sound and a striking visual aesthetic to match. The GT K21e, the first Grand Theater guitar to feature the popular hardwood, further elevates koa’s musical reputation with a punchy midrange, clear treble chime, and a pleasing sonic sweetness. Offering some of the natural compression that players expect from mahogany, the koa top helps even out an aggressive attack and adds an extra splash of low-end presence. Voiced with C-Class bracing, the GT K21e offers surprising power from a smaller-bodied guitar, with plenty of volume and articulation to shine through any mix of sounds. Visually, this model echoes the styling of its Koa Series brethren with a sinuous Spring Vine inlay in maple and an edgeburst finish treatment to showcase koa’s naturally beautiful lustre and coloration.

Artists Play the Taylor GT

The reduced scale and punchy sound of the Taylor GT complements Thunderstorm Artis’ percussive playing style.

The Taylor GT’s comfortable feel and portable size makes it an ideal choice for KT Tunstall’s spontaneous songwriting style.

Singer-songwriter Chris Conley finds the Taylor GT a perfect instrument for drawing out the sheer joy of creating music.

From impromptu skate park jams to strumming on the couch, the Late Ones love the GT’s joyous sound and accessible frame.

From the Factory Podcast: Discover the Taylor GT

Master guitar designer Andy Powers and Taylor co-founder Bob Taylor discuss how the GT was brought to life in a special video episode.

Critics' Reviews

Check out what the critics are saying about the Taylor GT

It is a groundbreaking guitar that’s created from sustainably sourced urban wood that was harvested from end-of-life trees from parks and roadways in California. The GT Urban Ash has a compact body that was designed to create a strong, resonant sound.
Editor's Pick
The GT is very responsive to the player’s touch, easily steering through softer and louder passages while maintaining consistently sweet and focused tone.
From first glance, this guitar has a very organic build approach, with attention focused on wood grain and a grassroots aesthetic.
It’s an ideal “couch” guitar, an easy guitar to take along, and a perfect steel-string to learn on. And yet, the GT is no slouch when it comes to serious performance; I’m certain that it will become a main guitar for many!
If you like an acoustic with a lot of high-end definition, crave a small-bodied guitar with more detailed bottom end, or want to get the most possible projection from a smaller-bodied instrument, the GTe can deliver in spades.

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