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Find Your Fit: Electric

Tips for finding the right electric guitar

Know Your Tone

What types of electric tones do you crave? While many electric guitars can cover a range of musical genres, it helps to know what style of music you’ll be playing, whether it’s rock, jazz, blues, rockabilly, metal or something in-between.

Hollow or Semi-hollow

With both acoustic and electric pickups, the T5 and T5z are hollowbody hybrids that let you flip acoustic and electric tones with a 5-way switch. Electric players craving a deeper, rounder tone will feel at home with our semi-hollow T3/B that fits comfortably in the rock, jazz, and rockabilly worlds.


After body style, the most important decision is your choice of pickups. This is where a lot of the tonal personality of an electric guitar comes from. All Taylor electrics feature proprietary pickups.

Other Features

Once you have the major categories settled, additional features will help you select a guitar that sounds, looks and feels great. Choose from different wood and color options, and be sure to survey the range of tone-shaping control you’ll have at your fingertips.

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