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Our innovative building methods allowed us to revamp both the look and sound of a solidbody electric. From our blend of contouring with binding, to the use of spectacular woods for tops, to our refined use of tone chambers, Taylor electrics are truly one-of-a-kind.

Contours with Binding

Most electrics either have a hard edge with binding or sleek contouring. We're able to integrate the two in a unique way, because of the way we inset the guitar top into the body. This enables us to define an edge with binding and then contour up to that edge. Our forearm and cutaway contours are comfortable and especially beautiful with elegant binding trim.

Tone Chambers

Chambering on electric bodies has been used primarily to lighten the body weight. We’ve applied our acoustic expertise to chambering in order to create the optimal acoustic "bloom." This enhances sustain, which is otherwise hard to create on an electric when everything is locked down.

Fused String Ground

Even reckless rock 'n' rollers have to respect the "blue spark" effect of getting shocked when grabbing the mic at a venue with improper ground. We designed a fused string ground (wired to the switch plate inside the guitar), so that in the event of faulty ground or funky wiring, the 5-milliamp fuse will blow, removing you from the circuit. If the fuse blows, your guitar will still play but it may be susceptible to more noise until you can replace it, which is easy to do thanks to its “pop-in” design. 

Ultra-exotic Tops

Insetting the top also allows us to use gorgeous, exotic woods like figured maple that otherwise can¹t be used on electrics; it would require carving up a thick slab, which would be insanely expensive with woods of this aesthetic value. An inset top means we can cut a much thinner slice of wood.

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