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Strap Installation Intro

Many Taylor guitars with onboard electronics use a specially designed endpin jack that also serves as the strap holder. Since we need enough room for a 1/4" cable to plug in through the hole at the end of your leather strap, it may need to be slightly enlarged. Taylor branded straps are designed with these holes enlarged to 3/8" (9.5mm) so no modification is necessary.

Strap Installation 1

1. Line the strap end up with the jack. Note there is a slit going up from the strap pin hole opening.

Strap 1
Strap Installation 2

2. Starting at the slit, push the corner of the strap under the flanged strap holder.

Strap 2
Strap Installation 3

3. Using your thumb nail, follow the circle tucking the edge of the strap opening under the flanged strap holder along the way.

Strap 3
Strap Installation 4

4. Half way there!

Strap 4
Strap Installation 5

5. Follow through to the end, tucking the last corner by the slit under the flanged strap holder.

Strap 5
Strap Installation 6

6. Give the strap a little tug to make sure it's properly seated, and you're all done!

Strap 6
Strap Installation Outro

Note:Taylor branded straps are available through authorized Taylor dealers, and on our website

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