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There are a just a few things to keep in mind when choosing a polish to use on your Taylor guitar. We're going to divide the guitar into three sections, with cleaning tips for each one.

Glossy Finish Areas with the shiny reflective finish are referred to as "glossy" finish. The tops, backs and sides of many Taylor guitars have a glossy finish, as well as the back of some necks. Taylor guitars built after 1995 have our UV-cured, polyester-based finish. The good news for you is this finish is extremely tough. You can use any brand of guitar or even car polish on these areas of the guitar. For regular cleaning, try the Taylor Guitar Polish available on our website or at your local Taylor dealer.

The Taylor polish is also highly recommended for Taylors built before 1995 that used lacquer, varnish and polyurethane finishes.

Satin Finish Areas with a less glossy, low-sheen finish are referred to as "satin" finish. The wood is still completely sealed with a protective finish, it's simply a finish that doesn't later get buffed to a reflective shine. Most necks, some tops and many back and sides of the body have a satin finish. These areas can be wiped down with a slightly damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid any wax or thicker polishes on satin finished areas as they will leave the finish looking splotchy. Our Taylor polish mentioned above is safe to use on satin finishes.

Raw or Unfinished Wood The fingerboard and bridge on your Taylor are unfinished wood (most likely ebony) that has been conditioned with boiled linseed oil. Don't use any polish or wax cleaners on these areas. We use and recommend 0000 extra-fine steel wool to clean the frets and fingerboards. Mask off the soundhole to keep debris from falling inside the guitar, and simply rub the steel wool up and down the length of the fingerboard right over the tops of the frets. This will remove any grime from the fingerboard without damaging the wood and will also remove any oxidation from the frets, giving them a nice shine. Follow up with small amount of boiled linseed oil or our fretboard conditioning oil if the wood looks dry.

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