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Things to check when you hear string buzz.

Any time you have a problem that is isolated to one string on the guitar, start by replacing the individual string. You don't necessarily have to replace them all if they're in good shape. A string can get worn or it can occasionally be bad right out of the pack. There may be a kink or a loose section of wraps on the core that you can't see, but can cause a buzzing or intonation issue.

If all your strings are buzzing, there are few things you'll want to check.

  • Have you changed strings recently? If the strings have been used more than a few times, try a fresh pack and see if that alleviates the problem.
  • Truss rod adjustments: Taking all the strings off at once allows the neck to relax. Restringing doesn't always bring the neck back to exactly where it was. If this is the case, a simple truss rod adjustment will fix it.
  • Did you change strings, switch to a different string gauge or tuning? Any of these can change the amount of tension on the neck, making it backbow and cause buzzing. If this is the case, a simple truss rod adjustment will fix it. See our article on adjusting the truss rod.
  • If the truss rod is adjusted properly and there's still significant string buzz, the guitar may be getting dry, reacting to a lack of humidity. Review our articles related to low humidity.
  • Lastly, it may be that your guitar is in need of service. It may be time to have the frets dressed or replaced, which usually means it's time to have the nut and saddle replaced too.

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