Baritone 8-String: “A Great Addition to Any Collection”

Tuesday February 23, 2010
By: Taylor Guitars News

In the April edition of Acoustic Guitar magazine, contributing editor Doug Young asks readers, “What has eight strings, jangles like a 12-string, growls like a baritone guitar, and plays as easily as a six-string?” Easy enough for us here at Taylor; it’s our low-tuned Baritone 8-String.

Young begins his review by admiring the guitar’s design, and once he picks it up, finds that it delivers “plenty of bass with easier playability than longer-scaled instruments.” Citing “new tonal colors,” Young writes, “while the Baritone Eight-String would be a novelty in anyone’s guitar lineup, it is quite versatile, adding a new twist to existing pieces and opening up new creative possibilities, and it will undoubtedly inspire some new sounds and new ideas.”

He takes the guitar through some flatpicking and fingerstyle runs, and has high praise for the Expression System, which he calls “multidimensional”. Summing things up, Young writes, “Taylor has created a unique and unusual instrument for anyone looking for new sounds. With its extended range and unusual blend of single and double strings, the instrument should excel as a tool for studio work, provide a distinct sound in a song circle or jam, and above all, inspire new directions for anyone willing to dive in and explore its potential.”

To read the complete review and watch the video demo, please visit Acoustic Guitar.