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Step Forward

At Taylor Guitars we love music. And we love building guitars that make beautiful music. We are always pushing ourselves to find new ways to make guitars better. We challenge conventions, ask the difficult questions, and take on real problems facing our industry. We've been doing this for 40 years, and we believe this approach to guitar making is central to our next 40 years.

Along the way we have met many guitar players who share our passion for finding new ways to make music. This mutual passion is at the heart of STEP FORWARD. MUSIC IS WAITING. It's an invitation to be bold and courageous, and to overcome the obstacles in the path of our musical pursuits.

To introduce STEP FORWARD. MUSIC IS WAITING. we have developed a series of print ads that feature real-life musicians who, in the face of challenging circumstances, have made courageous decisions to keep pushing forward. This part of our website is dedicated to sharing their full stories. We hope they will inspire you in your pursuit of music as much as they have inspired us in ours.