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Builder's Edition

Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing inspires a whole new standard of player-friendly guitar design

Introducing Builder's Edition, designed to help guitarists play and sound their very best. Taylor master guitar designer Andy Powers has crafted a next-generation Taylor guitar that sets an inspiring new standard of playing comfort and sound. It began with V-Class bracing, a groundbreaking new voicing framework that enables an acoustic guitar to produce more volume and sustain, and dramatically improves the intonation of the notes. Builder's Edition celebrates the debut of V-Class bracing with a premium guitar that matches the tonal improvement with new body features that enhance the playing comfort. The result is an incredibly rewarding playing experience, in both sound and feel.

“There are two ways to improve the function of an instrument. You can make it feel better, and you can make it sound better.”

-Andy Powers

The Ultimate Player’s Guitar

Andy Powers reveals the uniquely inviting playing features of a Builder’s Edition guitar.

Builder's Edition Features

Our revolutionary new bracing design pairs beautifully with a set of ergonomic curves and contours.

V-Class Bracing

Our patented bracing system improves the way a guitar top responds to the vibrating strings, producing more volume and sustain. It also resolves a guitar’s natural intonation flaws, creating more harmonic agreement between notes all along the fretboard. The result is unmatched tonal clarity, power, and uniformity.

Beveled Armrest

Guitarists tend to play and sound better when they feel more relaxed in relation to their guitar. A beveled armrest is more comfortable for your strumming/picking arm, allowing you to play more fluidly.

Beveled Body Edges

Inspired by the smooth lines of classical instruments and the contours of electric guitars, the beveled edge treatment softens the body edges to enhance playing comfort and heighten the guitar's aesthetic refinement.

Beveled Cutaway

Our most ergonomic cutaway ever boasts two beautifully crafted sets of contours: a reshaped cutaway profile that flows cleanly into the neck heel, and a finger bevel on the top of the guitar. Together, these nuanced details allow players to access the upper frets without having to reposition the thumb of their fretting hand.

Silent Satin Finish

Another new feature inspired by the world of classical stringed instruments, silent satin finish adds a smooth look and feel while reducing incidental body noise against the guitar while playing. This comes in handy during recording sessions with high-quality studio microphones.

Builder’s Edition Guitars

Builder’s Edition K14ce


Builder’s Edition 614ce


Builder’s Edition 614ce (WHB)


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