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Taylor Builder’s Edition

Taylor’s revolutionary V-Class bracing inspires a whole new standard of player-friendly guitar design

The Ultimate Player’s Guitar

The Builder’s Edition collection showcases our envelope-pushing pursuits to create the most player-friendly guitars in both sound and feel. Crafted by master guitar designer Andy Powers, these guitars combine our award-winning V-Class bracing architecture with exclusive contouring features that elevate your playing comfort.


Our V-Class bracing is a game-changing internal voicing framework—a new sonic engine—that improves the way the guitar top responds to the vibrating strings, producing more volume and sustain. V-Class also improves the guitar’s intonation, creating more harmonic agreement between notes all along the fretboard. The result is unmatched tonal clarity, power and uniformity.


Guided by the idea that the better a guitar feels, the better we tend to play (and sound), our Builder’s Edition guitars boast premium, player-friendly details that provide a naturally smooth feel. Ergonomic features offered with different models include chamfered body edges, a carved armrest, a beveled cutaway, a compound carve neck profile, and more. The comfortable contouring will bring out the best in your playing.

The Guitars

Each guitar in our Builder’s Edition collection affirms our commitment to innovative, player-centric design in a unique way. Explore the models below.

Builder’s Edition 517

This mahogany/torrefied spruce Grand Pacific sports several enticing new playing features, including a compound carve neck profile, a new bridge shape, and more.

Builder's Edition 517e WHB


Builder's Edition 517 WHB


Builder's Edition 517e


Builder's Edition 517


Builder’s Edition 717

The 517’s rosewood sibling shares the same player-friendly refinements and serves up a heaping earful of tonal power, warmth and complexity.

Builder's Edition 717e WHB


Builder's Edition 717 WHB


Builder's Edition 717e


Builder's Edition 717


Builder’s Edition: Hawaiian Koa

Two models, the K24ce and the acclaimed K14ce that launched the Builder’s Edition family, feature stunning solid Hawaiian koa for sweet, vibrant tones matched by their incomparable playability.

Builder's Edition K14ce


Builder's Edition K24ce


Builder’s Edition 614ce (WHB/Natural)

This maple/torrefied spruce beauty draws inspiration from both the electric guitar and violin worlds. Its ultra-modern voice gives players genre-bending expressive range.

Builder's Edition 614ce


Builder's Edition 614ce WHB


Builder’s Edition Reviews

Guitar reviewers have lavished praise on Builder’s Edition guitars. Here’s what they had to say.

The new Taylor Builder’s Edition K14ce Grand Auditorium is a genuine innovation in the history of acoustic guitars.
This K14ce is an incredible representation to Taylor’s dedication to craft, which represents their dedication to players. Whether the player is tracking sessions, playing live, or having a guitar in his or her hands for the first time, there is a Taylor guitar fit for anybody who wants to play.
It is the finest six-string Taylor we have ever played, and may prove to be historically significant in years to come.
Over a few minutes you’ll likely discover that it’s not only one of the best-sounding Taylors you’ve ever played, it may be one of the best sounding guitars you’ve ever played.

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