Ultra-limited offerings blend striking woods with the highest levels of Taylor craftsmanship

Through Taylor’s Builder’s Reserve series, we tap our private wood reserves to craft small batches of unique, detail-rich instruments. Typically the wood sets selected are available in extremely limited quantities — even more so than our other seasonal limited editions — and the guitars they inspire demand an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. We began several years ago with a SolidBody Classic made from burled Bastogne walnut, followed by a run of 50 Liberty Tree T5 models featuring tops made of the remaining wood from a historic tree. For 2012 we rekindle the spirit of super-premium, handmade craftsmanship that sets Builder’s Reserve apart with two groundbreaking Taylor offerings: an acoustic amp and a tenor ukulele, each paired with a fantastic companion guitar. For each quarter in 2012, a fresh batch of pairings will be released, each featuring a unique design aesthetic.

Series VIII

Figured Walnut/Cedar GS with Walnut ES Amp

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Series VII

All-Mahogany 12-Fret and Tenor Ukulele

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Series VI

12-string Koa Jumbo with Mustache Bridge / Koa ES Amp.

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Series V

ES Amp and figured European Maple/European Spruce GS

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Series IV

All-Koa Tenor Ukulele and GS with Solid Lining

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Series III

ES Amp and Figured Mahogany/European Spruce GS

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