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Builder's Reserve

Ultra-limited offerings blend striking woods with the highest levels of Taylor craftsmanship

Series V

Taylor’s special celebration of amplified acoustic tone continues with another boutique-level Builder’s Reserve guitar/amp pairing. For this small-batch release, Bob Taylor personally secured a cache of European maple and chose to pair it with European spruce tops.

Series VI

When Bob and Kurt first began crafting guitars, one of the body styles they inherited was the iconic Jumbo, whose lineage traced back to the archtop guitars of the 1930s. They applied their own interpretive design touches to the curvaceous shape, which would prove to be a good fit for their 12-string models.

Series VII

With the seventh offering from our Builder's Reserve program, we fully indulge mahogany's appealing musical character with an all-mahogany 12-Fret coupled with Taylor's first-ever all-mahogany ukulele.

Series VIII

The lutherie practiced by our Builder's Reserve team is, by design, meant to stretch the outer limits of what we can do at Taylor. Our BR-VIII guitar showcases a perfect example of such master craftsmanship that's not easy to spot: a contoured cutaway that flows cleanly into the tapered profile of the neck heel.