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Spring 2014 Limited Editions

Taylor’s spring 2014 collection brings a husky-voiced mahogany-top baritone Dreadnought to the 300 Series, along with stage-friendly upgrades to the 400 Series.

300 Series Baritone

Back/Sides: Sapele
Top: Mahogany
Model: 320e-Baritone SLTD

Since Taylor’s baritone models have migrated from the standard line into our more flexible Custom program for 2014, we’ve used the occasion of our annual Spring Limiteds to build a small-batch baritone model that gives players a fresh tone profile to explore. For starters, we chose a Dreadnought body rather than the Grand Symphony normally associated with the baritone, and selected a wood pairing of sapele back and sides with a mahogany top. The result, the 320e-Baritone SLTD, boasts a deep, husky tone with loads of growl, warmth, and low-end richness. The natural compression effect of the mahogany top helps maintain a uniformity of character across the tonal spectrum. The guitar also features Taylor’s Expression System® 2 pickup, which translates all that deep, rich baritone character into a clear amplified sound. The 320e-Baritone SLTD comes with a 2014 Spring Limited label inside the guitar and ships in a Taylor deluxe hardshell case.

400 Series

Back/Sides: Ovangkol
Top: Sitka Spruce
Models: 410ce-SLTD412ce-SLTD414ce-SLTD416ce-SLTD456ce-SLTD

Working musicians are bound to love the upgrades to Taylor’s popular ovangkol/spruce 400 Series, which has become a go-to option for gigging players. Premium enhancements include a full-gloss body, which highlights ovangkol’s rich variegation, and Taylor’s Expression System® 2 pickup, which delivers great amplified tone and plug-and-play simplicity in any performance setting. Choose from four Taylor body styles plus a 12-string. All feature a Venetian cutaway, come with a 2014 Spring Limited label, and ship in a Taylor deluxe hardshell case.