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Travel & Small-Body Guitars

Our family of compact acoustic guitars offers an authentic guitar-playing experience in a package that’s perfectly sized for travel, young players or casual jams.

Travel & Small-Body Guitars

Built for convenience, portability and playing comfort, Taylor’s small-body acoustic guitars pack a serious musical punch into a fun-sized frame. Perfect for the new learner or young player in need of an accommodating guitar that will encourage regular practice and play, these guitars are also ideal for hitting the road thanks to compact designs that can easily fit into cars and airplane storage compartments. Yet despite their smaller dimensions, these guitars don’t sacrifice on the Taylor tone you love—every model is built with a solid-wood top, and some (like our U.S.-made GT guitars) feature all-solid tonewoods. Whichever size and shape you choose, expect a clear, bold and well-balanced voice that can perform across styles and genres, with a hand-friendly feel that makes each guitar as playable as it is portable.

Keep reading to learn about travel-size and small-body guitars from the Baby and Big Baby Series, the super-popular GS Mini Series, and the Taylor GT.

Featured Travel/Small-Body Taylor Guitars

With big sound packed into small bodies, these guitars make it easy to bring rich acoustic tone wherever you go.