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Tone control is the Holy Grail for an electric player. From our five-way pickup switch to our original control knobs, we've given you more tone and made it easier to tweak it on the fly.

Five-Way Pickup Switch

The switch is laid out in a familiar way, with the neck pickup position located closest to the neck humbucker and the bridge position closest to the bridge pickup. In between the full, fat neck tone and the rockin¹ bridge tone, the middle settings give the Taylor electric its own distinctive voicings.

  • Position 1: Full neck pickup
  • Position 2: Inside coils of the neck and bridge pickups in parallel (skinny, funky neck tone)
  • Position 3: Full neck pickup with the inside coil of the bridge pickup (adds fatness and drives the amp a little harder for extra crunch)
  • Position 4: Inside coil of each pickup in series (creating the effect of a super-wide humbucker and producing a truly unique tone)
  • Position 5: Full bridge pickup

Tone Control

Tone controls on electric guitars are often along for the ride. Not ours. The first two-thirds of the knob rotation acts like a traditional tone control. The last third, especially when all the way at the end, starts peaking the mids, yielding a killer nasal tone that resembles playing through a semi-cocked Wah-wah pedal. It's ideal for slide playing, or as a different tonal color for solos or throaty rhythm parts. The tone control together with the different pickup settings give you a whole new set of flavors to play with.

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