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2016 Limiteds

Our latest collection reveals another fresh blend of inspiring acoustic flavors

Koa Series

Back/Sides: Hawaiian Koa
Top: Hawaiian Koa
Model: K22e 12-Fret LTD

This alternate riff on our Koa Series draws from the same wellspring of inspiration — the rich, organic beauty of an all-solid-wood koa guitar — embraces the tactile and sonic virtues of a small-body Grand Concert 12-fret, and celebrates the all-wood aesthetic spirit of our koa guitars with a refreshed appointment package brimming with refined Taylor craftsmanship. From the look to the feel to the sound, this 6-string promises to captivate multiple senses at once — just like a trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

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500 Series

Back/Sides: Granadillo
Top: Western Red Cedar
Model: 514ce LTD

As a tonewood, granadillo is a wonderful choice for musical instruments, thanks to its rich, ringing sound. This limited edition Grand Auditorium complements the granadillo back and sides with cedar, and the result is a richly expressive guitar voice that’s loaded with warmth, overtone complexity, and pleasing sustain. Visually, the subtle beauty of granadillo’s grain structure and reddish-brown hues is enhanced with a shaded edgeburst, while understated appointments include sapele binding and mini diamond inlays.

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400 Series

Back/Sides: Figured Walnut
Top: Western Red Cedar
Model: 416ce LTD 

It’s been a while since Taylor has crafted a batch of guitars with a walnut/cedar wood pairing. Not because we don’t love the sound, but because finding instrument-grade walnut can be a challenge. On this limited edition offering, we’ve taken the natural warmth and responsiveness of the walnut/cedar tandem — a favorite of fingerstylists — and applied it to our shapely Grand Symphony body to add impressive dynamic range. Visually, the character of the figured walnut stands out, especially with a contrasting maple back mini wedge and Hard Rock maple neck.

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300 Series

Back/Sides: Sapele

Top: Sitka Spruce

Models: 312ce LTD,  316ce LTD

Taylor’s 300 Series marks the gateway to the wonderful sonic complexity of an all-solid wood guitar within the Taylor line. Our sapele/spruce models deliver all the musical virtues a player could ask for: a full, clear and balanced tonal response, together with Taylor’s exceptional playing neck. This pair of limited edition models dials up the aesthetic appeal with a honey sunburst top. Choose from the two body styles: our compact Grand Concert 312ce LTD and bold-voiced 316ce LTD. Both models feature a Venetian cutaway and come with Taylor’s Expression System 2 acoustic electronics.

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300 Series Baritone

Back/Sides: Tasmanian Blackwood
Top: Mahogany
Models: 326e Baritone-8 LTD326e Baritone-6 LTD

We love exposing musicians to the unique sound and playing applications of our baritone guitars. The combination of our Grand Symphony body, 27-inch scale length, and B tuning (a fourth below that of a standard guitar), together with our signature tonal balance and clarity, gives players an inviting platform to explore its deep, rich musical register. The guitar’s lower range makes it easier to sing your favorite songs and hit notes that might otherwise be hard to reach — all without the need to transpose or retune. And if you want to play in standard tuning, simply use a 12-string capo on the fifth fret. The baritone also makes a wonderful textural complement together with another guitar, allowing you to play bass parts, alternative chord voicings, and rich melodies that blend depth and shimmer.

This pair of limited edition baritones features both a 6-string and an 8-string model. The 8-string edition incorporates two additional octave strings (coupled with the third and fourth strings) that sprinkle a bit of 12-string shimmer into the midrange without adding too much jangle. Single strings on the low and high ends of the tonal spectrum help preserve clarity for walking bass lines and lead runs. The wood pairing of blackwood back and sides with a mahogany top is well-suited for the baritone’s musical range because the woods keep the overtones in check, producing a balanced, focused and well-defined sound that can be difficult to achieve in lower-register instruments. For more details, visit our individual model pages.

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400 Series

Back/Sides: Indian Rosewood
Top: Sitka Spruce
Models: 410e-R LTD, 412e-R LTD

Indian rosewood is one of the world’s most popular and musically expressive tonewoods. Among Taylor’s solid-wood guitars, rosewood is normally reserved for the 700, 800 and 900 Series, but these limiteds bring rosewood into a more accessible 400 Series price point. Two body styles are available: the Dreadnought 410e-R LTD and the Grand Concert 412e-R LTD, both of which feature solid rosewood back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top.

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