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Fall 2012 Limited Editions

Three inspired wood pairings yield a trio of fresh acoustic voices on this batch of limiteds.

Presentation Series

Back/Sides: Macassar Ebony
Top: Sinker Redwood
Models: PS14ce-FLTDPS16ce-FLTD

Taylor's uber-premium Presentation Series Fall Limiteds pair beautifully variegated sets of Macassar ebony and sinker redwood. Visually, this batch of Macassar blends cinnamon, milk chocolate and caramel color tones with occasional bold lines, calling to mind the buckskin-hued Brazilian rosewood sometimes found on pre-war vintage acoustics.

The redwood tops were sliced from a huge old-growth log reclaimed from the depths of a river in Northern California. The rich range of variegation is the result of colors uniquely imparted from silt and the mineral-rich water. Both the age and size of the tree translate into a tight grain with plenty of cross-grain stiffness, which will produce a fairly bold response, complemented by warm overtones similar to cedar.

Macassar's tone is reminiscent of rosewood, with a blend of fidelity and richness, and it's a little warmer than cocobolo. Together with the redwood top, the warmth and complexity equate to a mature-sounding tone.

The guitars will showcase Taylor's sublime Presentation Series design details, featuring brilliant paua inlays and edge trim, along with a contoured ebony armrest.

Quilted Sapele Series

Back/Sides: Quilted Sapele
Top: AA Grade European Spruce
Models: DNce-FLTDGAce-FLTDGAce-N-FLTD12-Fret GCce-FLTDGCce-N-FLTDGSce-FLTD,Baritone-8-FLTD/S

Quilted sapele is an extremely rare find, so when Taylor's sapele supplier discovered stunning figure in a tree that had been harvested, members of our wood purchasing team flew across the country to personally sort through every slab. The wood was later flatsawn to showcase the dramatic figure, which also added flex to the normally stiff wood. Tonally, this translates into a little more low-end power and warmth. The sapele was paired with a top of AA-grade European spruce, which blends the horsepower of Adirondack spruce with a splash of cedar's warmth.

The design aesthetic for these limiteds aimed to bring out the best of the figured sapele, so the back and sides were treated with the same light stain used on our mahogany 500 Series, which serves to visually amplify the depth of figure. The appointment scheme also incorporates the sapele from the same tree, paired with ivoroid. The rosette features a sapele ring edged with ivoroid, ivoroid binding with sapele edge trim, and diamond “Solitaire” fretboard inlays that feature sapele outlined with ivoroid.

The quilted sapele limiteds are offered in all four body shapes, including a 12-fret GC, along with two nylon-string models and a Baritone 8-string.


Blackwood 400 Series

Back/Sides:Tasmanian Blackwood

Top: Western Red Cedar (Sitka Spruce on Baritone)

Models: 410ce-FLTD412ce-FLTD412ce-N-FLTD414ce-N-FLTDBaritone-8-FLTD/B

Hawaiian koa's close cousin, Tasmanian blackwood, is a fellow acacia wood species. Though it might not quite match koa's cachet in terms of exotic beauty, its tonal range is similar, and visually it often exhibits some of koa's same character traits.

This batch of limiteds features nicely variegated sets paired with Western Red cedar tops. Blackwood takes koa's basic tonal profile and blends the dry woodiness of mahogany and rosewood's bloom. Pairing it with a cedar top yields a springy, woody, warm low end, giving the guitar a relaxed personality. Fingerstylists are bound to love the warmth of the cedar top, as will medium strummers.

Designed as a seasonal alternative to our 400 Series, the blackwood guitars feature wood appointments that support an understated, all-natural vibe, perfect for an everyday or performance guitar that players can feel comfortable playing out in the world. Rock maple was chosen for many of the appointments, including a back mini wedge, the binding, and a “fishbone”-style rosette, which together add creamy counterpoints. Small dot inlays and a satin finish back and sides provide tidy touches that lean toward aesthetic simplicity. The blackwood 400s are available in all four body shapes, along with two nylon-string models and a Baritone 8-string with a Sitka spruce top.