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Fall 2013 Limited Editions

The random discovery of a rare curly mahogany tree supplied the tonewood centerpiece of our 2013 Fall LTDs.

500 Series Fall LTDs

Back/Sides: Figured mahogany
Top: European Spruce
Models: 514e-FLTD516e-FLTD

Rare figured mahogany topped with European spruce distinguishes Taylor’s 500 Series Fall Limiteds. Together the two woods blend power and warmth to create a rich and dynamic voice. Mahogany’s fundamental focus produces a strong, midrange-rich response, while European spruce delivers plenty of headroom — thanks in part to Adirondack spruce bracing — along with some of the warmth associated with cedar. Visually, some of the tops feature hints of bear claw with an occasional variation in color.

The uniqueness of the mahogany and the color and movement of the European spruce inspired Taylor master builder Andy Powers to design a wood-rich appointment package. Details include rosewood binding with figured mahogany top edge trim, a rosette of figured mahogany and boxwood, and a new “Avian” fretboard inlay in boxwood. Other premium features include Gotoh gold tuners, a boxwood Taylor logo inlay in the headstock, and a new version of Taylor’s Expression System® acoustic electronics.

The 500 Series Fall LTDs are offered in Taylor’s Grand Symphony and Grand Auditorium body shapes, each without a cutaway. Both models come with a 2013 Fall Limited Edition label inside the guitar, and ship in a Taylor deluxe hardshell case.

400 Series Fall LTD

Back/Sides: Indian rosewood
Top: Cedar (6-string) or Sitka spruce (12-string)
Models: 414ce-FLTD416ce-FLTD12-string 456ce-FLTD

Fans of the rich, warm voicing of rosewood and cedar, especially fingerstyle players, will be eager to reach for one of our 400 Series Fall LTDs. In years past, our 700 and Acoustic 7 Series have included cedar-top rosewood models, but because our current lineup exclusively features spruce tops (though an optional cedar top is available as a standard model option), we wanted to reunite the two woods due to their undeniable sonic chemistry together. We’ve sweetened the appeal even more by bringing them into the realm of our 400 Series price range, in two body styles: the Grand Auditorium 414ce-FLTD and the Grand Symphony 416ce-FLTD.

The wood pairing especially rewards players with a lighter touch. One of the qualities fingerstyle players will love is that the overall tone is rich and dynamic right out of the case, without requiring the longer play-in time a spruce-top guitar typically needs. Rosewood’s broad tonal spectrum and clear, high-fidelity sound match nicely with cedar’s strong overtones, yielding a voice that’s sparkly, woody and complex. 

Another model in this series, the 12-string Grand Symphony 456ce-FLTD, features a Sitka spruce top instead of cedar because its stiffness responds better to the extra string tension (as a softer wood, cedar can start to get slightly distorted). With a Sitka top, a rosewood 12-string unleashes a lush tapestry of tone. Tune it down for a deep piano-like voice with plenty of low-end rumble.

All three 400 Series models come with a Venetian cutaway and Taylor Expression System electronics, feature a 2013 Fall Limited Edition label inside the guitar, and ship in a Taylor standard hardshell case.

200 Series Fall LTDs

Back/Sides: Indian rosewood laminate
Top: Sitka spruce
Models: 210ce-FLTD214ce-FLTD

We love to arm players with great tools for gigging. That’s where our performance-ready 200 Series Fall LTDs come in. We configured a guitar that players at every level can rely on as a strong stage accomplice — one that will help you sound your best, whatever your playing style may be. 

Premium features include Taylor’s proprietary Expression System® electronics for a full-voiced amplified acoustic sound, a beautiful all-gloss body, and a black hardshell case to keep the guitar well protected in transit. The end result is a guitar that hits the sweet spot for all types of players, from gigging musicians to up-and-comers looking to invest in their first pro guitar with aspirations of playing out. With one of these in your hands, you can rest assured that you’ll have a guitar that feels, sounds and looks worthy of the spotlight. Choose from the Dreadnought 210ce-FLTD and the Grand Auditorium 214ce-LTD, which both feature a Venetian cutaway.