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The Taylor Guitars 2020 Holiday Guide

The holidays may be over, but it's always a great time to inspire a loved one with the gift of music.

Your Guide to Taylor Holiday Gift Shopping

Whether you’re a seasoned guitar player looking for a fresh sound, a beginner hunting for the right first guitar or looking for an exciting musical gift for someone else, Taylor has something special in store for you. Browse our gift guide for guitar recommendations by budget, along with a range of TaylorWare accessories to help you get the most from your guitar.

Key Factor: Comfort & Playability

For new players and students hoping to improve their skills, the most important quality of an acoustic guitar is playability. A guitar with a slender neck and a comfortable body shape is an ideal choice, removing some of the physical obstacles to musical growth.

V-Class Bracing: Taylor’s Musical Engine

Many features set Taylor guitars apart from the crowd, but one of the most distinctive is V-Class bracing, the internal voicing framework that powers our instruments to produce greater volume, longer sustain and a more musical acoustic tone.


Taylor is deeply committed to forest stewardship. In Cameroon, where we co-own an ebony mill, we’re working to create a more sustainable ebony trade through the Ebony Project. We’ve greatly reduced ebony waste, brought better tools, training and wages to employees, and invested in a groundbreaking ebony research and replanting initiative.

For Beginners and the Budget-Conscious

Guitars Under $1,000

If you're looking for a travel-size guitar like the GS Mini, a first guitar for a new student or just a reliable practice companion that won't break the bank, Taylor has something for you.

Guitar Recommendations Under $1,000

GS Mini-e Koa Plus

With an all-Hawaiian-koa body, solid koa top and a dusky, alluring edgeburst finish to showcase koa's rich grain, this enhanced GS Mini serves up a winning combination of rich tone, refined aesthetics and a comfortable, easy-playing feel.

Academy 12e

The Academy 12e’s Grand Concert body features a carved armrest for added comfort, while the solid spruce top delivers clear, vibrant tone. Together, they add up to an inviting playing experience that's perfect for new learners.


Combining stage-ready style with rich tone, the 214ce offers players the sound and feel of a high-performance guitar at an attractive price. A solid spruce top brings power and clarity, with ES2 electronics for authentic plugged-in tone.

Upgraded Features, Superior Aesthetics

Guitars Priced $1,001 - $2,999

Explore all-new Taylor innovations like the GT and the American Dream Series or browse vibrant sounds and tonewood combinations across the Taylor line.

Guitar Recommendations $1,001 - $2,999

GTe Urban Ash

Featuring the compact, full-voiced GT body shape, this all-solid-wood guitar features back and sides of Urban Ash, a spruce top and C-Class bracing for an exceptional low-end response.

AD17e Blacktop

Taylor’s American Dream Series launched this year with three Grand Pacific models, among them this ovangkol/spruce 6-string with V-Class bracing and all-solid tonewoods.

Builder’s Edition 324ce

Crafted with the optimal playing experience in mind, this Builder’s Edition model combines the clarity and punch of solid Urban Ash with ergonomic contours and comfort features.

Deluxe Tonewoods and Unforgettable Sounds

Guitars Above $3,000

From our masterfully crafted Builder's Edition guitars to the fan-favorite 800 Series and lushly appointed Presentation Series, we have plenty of options to impress discerning guitar players.

Guitar Recommendations Over $3,000


Our flagship Grand Auditorium, among the most popular Taylor models ever built, now features tone-boosting V-Class bracing and a radius-style armrest for enhanced playing comfort.


This revamped Grand Symphony serves up waves of immersive, high-fidelity acoustic tone powered by V-Class bracing, a new soundport cutaway and all-solid Hawaiian koa.

Builder’s Edition 912ce WHB

Adorned with a stunning Wild Honey Burst stain and a host of player-focused design elements, this rosewood/spruce Grand Concert blends vibrant tone with a relaxed, intimate feel.

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TaylorWare Accessories

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Guitar Picks

Discover a range of new musical colors with our line of guitar picks specially designed to enhance the tone of your guitar.

Guitar Straps

Style your Taylor with a matching guitar strap, available in leather, vegan leather and other materials in a range of attractive designs.

Guitar Stands

Keep your guitars safe and show off your collection at home or on the road with our sturdy, stylish guitar stands.

Guitar Care

Protect your guitar from climate and humidity damage or keep it looking polished and fresh with our line of guitar care products.

Stella Falone Ebony Cutting Boards

Explore Bob Taylor’s line of premium cutting boards made from genuine, responsibly sourced West African ebony, the same wood that goes into Taylor fretboards, bridges and other guitar parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a nylon-stringed guitar for a beginner?

We don’t recommend it. Nylon strings are softer than steel strings, but guitars with nylon strings have very wide necks that are difficult for beginners.

Should I buy an electric or acoustic guitar first?

It depends on the gift recipient. Are they obsessed with hard rock and heavy guitars? If so, electric might be the way to go. However, acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners, since they’re portable and don’t require an amp. That means your giftee can easily take it to lessons, to school, or to a friend’s place to jam with others.

I need a guitar for a beginner. What features should I look for?

Start with a guitar with a comfortable neck (like a Taylor!), a solid top, and a body size that isn’t too big for the recipient. A guitar that fits those three criteria will probably be great for a beginner, and will likely last a long time before you need to upgrade.

Do new guitars come with cases?

All Taylor guitars come with either a padded gig bag or a hard case, but many other brands don’t offer this convenience. If the guitar doesn’t come with a case, we recommend a hard case to protect your guitar from impact and climate damage.

Where can I find lessons?

Ask the salesperson if the music store offers a free lesson with the purchase of the guitar, or if they offer scheduled lessons in store. A chord chart is a great place to start for a new guitarist, and most stores will be able to provide references for local instructors if you ask.