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The Hybrid Body

Three-plus decades of acoustic expertise informed the way we shaped the hollow body hybrid T5. You can hear the tonal character before you even plug it in. The T5 features a fully hollow body and an active soundboard with a compound radius. The top is a flat piece of wood braced into an arch to capture the acoustic resonance. The f-holes in the top were specially designed and voiced to further enhance the resonance of the body chamber, and to allow the top to breathe in relation to the player’s dynamic attack.

Despite the f-holes and the slight arch in the top, the T5 is not an archtop guitar. Its acoustic tone is more akin to a flattop style of sound, as opposed to a carved top instrument like a violin, viola, archtop guitar, or mandolin.

Working in concert with the body design, The T5 electronics were inspired by the revolutionary Taylor Expression System®, and then were custom made to bring out the best electric and acoustic tones from the guitar. 

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