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Inspired by Taylor’s Expression System® pickup for acoustic guitars, the T5’s pickup design is yet another breakthrough developed here at Taylor. Thanks to its humbucking pickups and proprietary acoustic body sensor, the T5 produces a versatile range of pure analog tones from strumming acoustic to crunchy electric and everything in between. A hidden neck humbucker, a visible bridge humbucker, and a body sensor mounted to the inside surface of the top take advantage of the latest technology, utilizing Samarium Cobalt magnets and humbucking coils. The body sensor reads the movement of the top, adding even more warmth to your acoustic tone.


T5 Bridge Pickup

A stacked humbucker located near the bridge, this is the only pickup that’s visible on the guitar. When played through an electric amp, this pickup can swing from Tele tones to vintage Gretsch to full-blown humbucker.


T5 Dynamic Neck Pickup

The second stacked humbucker is buried in the neck joint, and can yield tones that range from warm and woody to fat and rowdy.


T5 Dynamic Body Sensor

Evolving from our Expression System technology, the T5 body sensor is over-wound and affixed to the underside of the top beyond the bridge to register the sparkling highs and acoustic shimmer of the soundboard.



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